Salad Days

A collaboration with Jatayu, an Nu Jazz quartet from Chennai who weave together a traditional Carnatic music with jazz, funk and rock.

Working remotely due to the pandemic meant dealing with a lot of creative as well as practical limitations. The challenge was to overturn those limitations and find creative ways to come up with parameters we could control.

While putting together a simple multicamera edit from their live performance, we began experimenting with different generative visual effects and palettes in TouchDesigner and began assigning them to key moments of the composition. We then made these generative visuals audio reactive, to add more life, movement and punch to the overall look.

One of the overwhelming beauties of generative visual art is that its possibilities are endless. But since the music had a clear vibe, further articulated by the band during our collaboration, it was just a matter of finding the right aesthetic that reflected a nostalgic, 8 bit, video game vibe, in an abstract, psychedelic and trashy atmosphere.