About US

Based out of Pondicherry, India, Āyāhi is an experiential art studio that seeks to expand the boundaries of aesthetic experience. From generative audio-visual art, to interactive installations and immersive experiences, they seek to combine light, sound, movement, and data into integral multi-sensorial experiences.

Adopting a deeply philosophical approach regardless of theme, genre and format, they are moved to express the essential sap of any artistic experience. Enamored by antiquity and the diverse cultural and philosophical gems of India and the World, and noting their filtration through a post-modern lens, they revisit tradition and convention– recasting anew their essential truths into contemporary modes and media of expression.

The founders of āyāhi, S Mrityunjay and Vinay Khare, are two creative professionals from two very diverse fields—music/creative art, and technology/digital art respectively. At āyāhi, they come together to create multidisciplinary works of art with a consideration to transcend traditional analog mediums.

S. Mrityunjay


Composer/producer/sound artist from Pondicherry, India. Currently studying Music Composition at the Boston Conservatory, he has collaborated with various creative artists such as Sivamani, Zakir Hussain (Berklee Indian Ensemble) and many others. Beyond music, Mrityunjay is also a multimedia artist working in film, theatre and other creative arts.

Vinay Khare


Creative technologist and digital artist from Pondicherry, India. Having graduated with a Masters in Advanced Interaction at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, he is currently working in Bangalore and collaborates with creative professionals across the world. He has conducted workshops and had his projects featured in  New York, Barcelona, Florida, Delhi, and more.