An interactive walkway of Light, Sound and Movement

SOMNI is an immersive audiovisual installation where light, sound and movement coalesce into one magical experience. Walk through at your own meandering pace, or explore as a collective. This pathway is alive, reactive, and responsive to YOU

Spatial Flowfield

Be a cosmos mover

Enter the play-zone, and a starry field of infinity unfolds before you. You have the power to push, morph, displace- all just by moving your limbs. Take your time to experiment with motion, speed and shape—create constellations, together.

Columns of Light

Be a music maker

An arena of high pillars of light is your musical playground. Play, arrange, and tweak elements within a piece of music, while the pillars of light dance to changes in rhythm and pitch. Use the invisible baton in your hand—orchestrate symphonies.

Pathway of Possibility

Be a light changer

Waft through a walkway of light. With every step you take, you trigger colour ripples overhead, changing the environment around you. Walk alone, or go back and forth with your fellow illuminators, the possibilities are endless—generate kaleidoscopes.

Want to bring SOMNI to your space?

We can deliver SOMNI as a temporary or even a permanent installation. We believe in creating unique  and customized experiences so we also adapt SOMNI according to the space.